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: Scarpo, Ed ,


: Italian Mafia,


: CST00001


: 9781503271104


: A Backdoor Entertainment Group Publication

Total Pages

: 51

Inside the Last Great Mafia Empire (Cosa Nostra News: The Cicale Files Volume 1)


The next meeting didn't go so well, either, as Dominick related. 'I held my composure, but Michael was still not accepting the orders that I was passing on to him. It really made no sense, but what choice did I have? I was not going to go against the wishes of the bosses because of Michael Nose's power trip. When Michael broke down the new locations for the meetings, I agreed. But I also noticed that all the places he'd chosen for future meetings were desolate areas, Michael was never going to trap me like that, so I just played the game and agreed I was receiving word almost daily from Vinny, who was in jail with Joe Massino. I was also sending messages back to Vinny about Michael not accepting the messages. That is when I was told that if Michael didn't act on the orders, then it was my job to act on them'

Vinny was basically telling Dominick That if Mancuso didn't start taking orders, then Dominick was to usurp him. 'The first message i acted on was to promote Louie Electric from acting capo to official capo. But first, I went to Michael to give him one last chance to accept Vinny's orders.'... 

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