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: Mason, Mark


: Chic Lit,


: MRK00001


: 075153398X


: Time Warner

Total Pages

: 311

The Catch

Kirsty is everything Sam has ever wanted in a woman - gorgeous, funny, bright, brilliant company. But when he asks her to marry him, he doesn't reckon on her response.

The catch.

For Kristy to accept him, he's going to have to prove he's marital material. Over the next twelve weeks, she's going to give his behaviour points (though she won't explain how he scores them). If his total hits 1000, then she'll be his bride.

However much Sam does the ironing or puts the loo seat down, his tally resembles Norway's in the Eurovision Song Contest. Where's he going wrong? Assembling a sex war cabinet of best mates George, and Pete, Sam is no closer to an answer ... until the additon of work colleague Amanda opens his eyes to the surprising truth about what really winds women up .. 

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