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: Blanchard, Jane


: Chic Lit


: BJO00001


: 0751536407


: Time Warner

Total Pages

: 374

In Cahoots! & Nailing Harry

In Cahoots!

It seems a long time since Sarah, Vicky and Judith were bright young things. Middle-age is looming and threatening to be middling. If life is meant to begin at forty, then where the hell has it got to? Over a bottle of New Year champagne the three friends decide to take control of their lives, to let their hair down and rediscover life-and love-all over again.

Nailing Harry

The strut of a peacock, the libido of a rabbit and the morals of a skunk. That's Harry Hampton, office super-rat. The Board of Directors at the media company he runs think he's brilliant; the staff think he's a bully, a womaniser and a talentless creep. After surviving yet another round of Harry's spectacular sackings, four brave women decide they've had enough. For their own sanity, they plot Harry's downfall. Meanwhile, Harry's wife Val also wants her revenge-and she wants in public... 

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