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: McBride, Margret ,
Blanchard, Ken


: Self Help,
Business & Finance


: LEAD0020


: 0007160062


: Harper Collins

Total Pages

: 111

The One Minute Apology

Turn a wrong decision into a positive outcome!

The One Minute Apology goes straight to the heart of all our business and personal relations, and is especially timely in the 21st-century business world. Through an engaging parable, is the style of the previous groundbreaking One Minute Manager classics, it teaches us step by step how to accept responsibility for our errors, making life better for friends and colleagues. We learn how, by improving morale, companies and employees can expect to reap the benefits of a genuine sense of integrity.

As described in this simple but profound story, honest apology is a sure sign of strength and can only enhance our personal and management skills, 

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