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: Tebbetts, Chris ,
Patterson, James


: Young Adult,


: JP000032


: 9781784750978


: Young Arrow

Total Pages

: 262

Middle School #2: Get Me Out of Here!

Hi, I'm Rafe...And this is my latest tale of middle school madness 

  • I get to move to the BIG CITY...but we live in the world's dinkiest house
  • I'm accepted to an AMAZING school... where all the kids are super-smart snobs
  • My first assignment is to create drawings based on my AWESOME life experiences...but I can't think of a single one
  • So I gear up for another mission, EVEN CRAZIER than my last one..and this time it's all about getting a life - the most INTERESTING life a thirteen-year-old ever had

So if you're ready for a super-surprising and totally off-the-wall adventure...

Well..Let's do this thing!


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