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: Binchy, Maeve


: Romance,
Chic Lit


: BIM00017


: 0752853503


: Orion

Total Pages

: 345


Every table at Quentins restaurants has a thousand stories to tell: tales of love, betrayal and revenge. There has been great hope and deep despair. The staff who come and go have stories of their own, and the restaurant itself has had times when it looked set fair for success and others when it seemed doomed to failure. Ella Brady wants to make a documentary about the renowned Dublin reataurant that has captured the spirit of a generation and a city in the years it has been open.

In Maeve Binchy's magical Quentins you will meet new friends and old: the twins from Scarlet Feather, the Signora from Evening Class, Ria from Tara Road - and a host of fresh faces. There is Monica, the ever-cheerful Australian waitress, and Blouse Brennan, whose simplicity disguises a sharp mind and a heart of gold. The whole place is presided over by the apparently imperturbable Patrick and Brenda Brennan, who have made Quentins such a legend. But even they have a story and a sadness which is hidden from the public gaze.

As Ella uncovers more of what has gone on, she questions the wisdom of bringing it to the screen. And she is forced to confront the most devastating dilemma in her own life, Ella wonders is some stories are too sacred to be told... 

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