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: Picozzi, Massimo


: Historical,
Italian Mafia,
Mystery, Thriller & Crime


: CST00002


: 9780393341966


: Norton

Total Pages

: 281

Cosa Nostra


Nearly 150 years have passed since the word Mafia first appeared in a 1863 theatrical work composed by Giuseppe Rizzotto and Gaetano Mosca entitled I mafiusi di la Vicaria, The protagonists were men endowed with a profound sense of morality, cruel to the arrogant but kind and helpful to the needy, This image of the mafioso as a 'man of honor,' good to the weak, above the laws of the state, but subject to a precise code, remained firmly rooted in the collective imagination. Only in 1984, thanks to the testimony of Tommaso Buscetta, has light between thrown on the structure of the criminal organization, on its objectives and the strategies behind its actions.

This illustrated history begins at the origins of the mafia phenomenon in Sicily, traveling across continents with the great wave of Italian immigrants to the United States and the formation of the first mafia families and Prohibition, through the situation in Italy under Fascism and during the postwar years, the bloody conflicts between mafia families, the Maxi trial of 1986, and the resulting period of mafia outrages. The names and portraits of criminals who have entered popular legend are here, including Al Capone.

Together with these there are people who have been victims of the mafia - civil servants such as judges, police officers, and private citizens - all of whom tenaciously fought against the Cosa Nostra at the price of their lives. This book is primarily their story 

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