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: Kington, Miles


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Someone Like Me

For the last twenty years Miles Kington has written a humorous column in which everything has been made up and nothing can be trusted. Now he has written an autobiography by those same exacting standards. Was his father a German spy? Did his mother insist on permission from the Vatican before dancing on Sundays? Was baby Miles the victim of pram napping? Who cares when a book is as brilliant as this one?

Prepare to be amused (and occasionaly bemused) by the amazing adventures, hilarious happenings and other alliterations that make up Miles's formative years. Filled with tales of Dadaist dog training, borrowed lawnmowers, anti-squirrel devices and visions of the Virgin Mary this is one of the funniest and most original books you'll have read in decades. SOMEONE LIKE ME is quite simply too good to be true....

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