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: Atkins, Dawn ,
Carrington, Tori


: Romance


: OTHER583


: 0733539335


: Harlequin Mills & Boon

Total Pages

: 218

Lipstick On His Collar & Skin Deep

Lipstick on His Collar

Seduction the second time around

A year ago Nick Ryder and Miranda Chase shared a steamy night that left more than just a few lipstick marks on his collar. When she didn't return his calls, Nick got the message loud and clear...this high-class woman wanted nothing more from a lowly cop. Yet they've met again, and Miranda needs his investigative talents. He can't refuse the tempting Miranda, but he can stay out of her bed. Or at least try...

Miranda struggled to forget gorgeous Nick Ryder - he didn't call and she thought he wasn't interested. But he keeps insisting that this is strictly business. That means Miranda is going to have to sharpen her lipstick and entice him...because she's not about to let him get away twice!

Skin Deep

Attitude is everything...

After getting publicly dumped - again! - Kyra White is making some changes. And picking up the latest makeover book is her first move towards a new life. Following the step-by-step directions in Sex Kitten 101, Kyra sets out to conquer the male world. And she does it...very well. Suddenly every guy she comes across wants to take her to bed. Including her best friend, Michael...

Isn't it?

Architect Michael Romero has lusted after his 'friend' Kyra for years. But he wants more than just a good time. Michael needs Kyra in his life, in his bed for good. But first he has to convince her that this overwhelming attraction between them isn't just skin deep. 

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