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: Pascal, Francine


: Children


: UNI00021


: 0553484494


: Bantam

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: 139

Snow Bunnies (The Unicorn Club #21)

Romance and rivalry on the slopes...

I can't believe how happy i was a week ago-before the Unicorn Club left for our skiing trip. I was totally psyched to snuggle by the fire with Curtis Bowman, my new boyfriend. And I couldn't wait to hang out with Rachel Grant, the newest Unicorn. We'd really hit it off. In fact, we'd even joked about how much fun it would be if her dad and my mom, who are both chaperoning the trip, got married. Then Rachel and I could be sisters!

Some joke that's turning out to be. To our surprise, Mr. Grant and my mom have gotten together...and now Rachel's saying that my mom isn't good enough for her dad. well, I told her the real problem: her dad isn't good enough for my mom! Now Rachel swears she's going to get back at me...

Did I say I wanted Rachel for a sister? The truth is, I never want to see her again! 

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