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: Anthony, Evelyn


: Mystery, Thriller & Crime


: AEV00001


: 1855014602


: The Sheridan Book Company

Total Pages

: 288

The Occupying Power

France held in the Nazi grip.

Collaboration and resistance - a nation divided between pride and shame.

The village of St Blaize was known for its willingness to co-operate with the Nazi ‘ conquerors’.

But, in May 1944, the events of a few days changed the inhabitants from cowards to patriots, and brought the full fury of the Death’s Head BAttalion of the SS on to St Blaize.

Years later, a woman appears, her heart set on revenge. The horror and anguish of the past must be lived again - the shameful secrets, the hidden loves and forbidden lusts long buried must be brought to light once more….

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