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: Rankin, Ian


: Mystery, Thriller & Crime


: RNK00001


: 9781407247564


: Orion

Total Pages

: 440

A Question of Blood (Inspector Rebus #14)

At a private school two teenagers are killed by an ex-army loner who then turns the gun on himself. As Di John Rebus puts it, “there’s no mystery...except the why.” But this question takes him into the heart of a shattered community - and to a link with his own troubled past. Rebus becomes fascinated by the killer. The man had friends and enemies to spare, from politicians to the local Goths, and left behind a legacy of secrets and lies.

But Rebus faces his own trials too. A petty criminal who has been stalking DS Siobhan Clarke is found burnt to death in his own home. And Rebus is fresh out of hospital, hands heavily bandaged……

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