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: Archer, Jeffrey


: Mystery, Thriller & Crime,
Short Stories


: JEA00007


: 9780330418836


: Pan Books

Total Pages

: 277

Cat O'Nine Tales

Bestseller Archer put his time in prison to fine literary use, as evidenced by the twelve stellar entries in his fifth story collection...The economy and precision of Archer's prose never fail to delight. The criminal doesn't always prevail, but the reader wins with each and every story.

While incarcerated for two years in five different prisons, Jeffrey Archer picked up several ideas for short stories. They range from a tale of 'The Man Who Robbed His Own Post Office' to the story of a company chairman who tried to poison his wife while on a trip to St Petersburg - both with unexpected consequences. In another, 'Maestro', an Italian restaurateur ends up in jail, unable to explain to the tax man how he can own a yacht, a Ferrari and a home in Florence, while only declaring a profit of pound 70,000 a year.  

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