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: Blake, Cindy


: Chic Lit


: BLC00001


: 0671022652


: Pocket Books

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: 326

The Last Available Man

Two sisters. One Cinderella. A man-hunt like you’ve never seen before.

Georgina Harvey and Jessica Tanner, stepsisters who run a head hunting firm in the city, are fed up with leaving romance to Fate. With a trail of broken relationships behind them, they decide to apply their professional skills of “matchmaking” to their romantic lives. If they can successfully find the right person for the right job, surely they can find the the perfect man for themselves...

A fairy tale in reverse The last available man takes us on a wild and hilarious adventure where two sisters fly half-way across the world to track down the elusive handsome Prince.

but do they find him? Does the perfect man even exist? And what happens to Cinderella on the way?

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