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: Botham, Noel


: Biographies,
Mystery, Thriller & Crime


: BNO00001


: 0786007001


: Pinnacle

Total Pages

: 277

The Murder of Princess Diana

August 31, 1997

Millions remember the tragic date when the world lost a princess and two boys lost their beloved mother. It was a freak accident - Diana, Dodi Fayed, and driver Henri Paul died fleeing aggressive paparazzi..or so officials lead us to believe. But investigative journalist Noel Botham wasn't satisfied with the 'official' story. The Murder of Princess Diana documents his intensive probe into what happened that fateful night in Paris. Finally, here is a book that dares to ask - and answer - questions such as:

  • Was the blood sample supposedly taken from Henri Paul actually his blood?
  • Why was the tunnel cleaned with detergent before forensic investigations could take place?
  • Why was Diana's body partially embalmed before the post mortem?
  • What were the connections between the driver of the Fiat Uno seen near the Mercedes and M16? Was the man's subsequently fiery death really an accident?
  • Did Diana's international campaign against landmines create a deadly conflict with the CIA?

Culled from interviews with contacts from behind palace walls to within the halls of the Pentagon, this shocking expose blows the lid off cover-ups arranged in the highest echelons of power. Now, at long last, the secrets are revealed; the lies are exposed - and the truth about Diana's death is brought to light.

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