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: Armstrong, Lisa


: Chic Lit


: LAM00002


: 0340837306


: Hodder

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: 439

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Sydney has the perfect life. She must have because everyone keeps telling her so. Two adorable(ish) children, one adoring(ish) husband, one (almost) lovely house. And latterly a stimulating job, although she hasn't fully revealed the true nature of it to her husband.

Whats not to be ecstatic about? There's just one tiny problem. Sydney's past, which is so imperfect shes conveniently filed most of it in a box labelled Amnesia. Two tiny problems if you count her sex life, which is relegated to just below taking the dog for his flea injections.

Three tiny problems if you count Dylan, the boyfriend she hasn't seen since university. When Dylan and his very spiky, very young and not at all saggy new wife buy the house across the road, the Amnesia box opens, unleashing all the secrets she has kept safely buried for almost eighteen years. 

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