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: Pascal, Francine


: Children


: UNI00022


: 055348608X


: Bantam

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: 135

Jessica's Dream Date (The Unicorn Club #22)

Is he a dream...or a nightmare?

The most amazing thing has happened to me! I won a contest and now i get to hang out with Johny Buck, the coolest, most gorgeous star in the world! Of course, all the other Unicorns are totally jealous. Who can blame them? I'm having the time of my life going to all these exclusive gala events as Johnny's date. No, really! I am.

Well..okay, I won't lie. Johnny isn't exactly as awesome as i'd thought he'd be. He's actually sort of a loser-I said it. And I'm so bummed! The guy is such a klutz, he can't even walk in a straight line without tripping over himself. How could my idol turn out to be so...so.. lame? But i have to keep it a secret. I mean, there's no reason to go and spoil his image for everyone else. (Besides, I really like how the other Unicorns are dying if envy right now)

Still, the more time I spend with Johnny, the harder it is to keep pretending. Should I tell everyone who the real Johnny Buck is? 

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