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: Mohammad Zakariya Iqbal


: Religion & Spirituality


: MZI00001


: MZI00001


: Darul Isha'at

Total Pages

: 330

Stories From The Hadith

It will not be an exaggeration of facts if we say that this book is one of its kind. Mawlana Muhammad Zakariya Iqbal has produced a truly unique book in Urdu, Qisas al-Hadith, stories from Hadith. The Urdu book is really very well received by the enthusiast and now the English translation follows. The stories within the covers include events from the lives of the Prophet including Sayyidina Adam A.S, Salleh A.S, Ibrahim A.S. , Musa A.S. , Lut A.S. , Daud A.S. events reflecting on the majesty of Allah, narratives that prove that righteous deeds are rewarded, accounts in life which strengthen one's faith and belief, and stories from real life which show that misdeeds are punished.


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