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The Morning Post

The Morning Post traces and explains the complications in the life of a pre-war journalist who no longer understands and is unable to adapt himself to the change conditions and developments in the newspaper atmosphere of today. Everything that happens now touches the sensitivity and standing of this journalist.

The new developemnt in the daily newspapers, The Morning Herald caused Lokman to be tormented and slip into his own hallucinatory world. According to his psychiatrist, Dr Ahmad Dio, Lokmans ailment would become more serious, if he was not helped at once. In his hallucinatory weekly newspaper, that is The Morning Post, Lokman felt he had and was held in high esteem. He felt it was a meaningful conlict in keeping with his background as a nationalist.

This novel possessess elements of legend, history, archeology, astronomy and politics wrapped up in a form of mystic realism, a branch of literature which is strong in Latin America and influencing the world of art in the West. Specific references to realm of legend, history, archeology, astronomy and politics in The Morning Post are not intended merely as a background to the place and mentality of the characters or as in insertion of the ingredients of a specific knowledge, more than that, it becomes the platform for debate and discussion of ideas regarding various matters and views then and now. 

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