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QReazant Offers Online Book Rental Service for Malaysians

Enjoy Unlimited Rentals with No Delivery Charges and No Late Fees For As Low As RM 52 per Month
BANDAR BARU BANGI, Selangor; January 1, 2019 – QReazant Enterprise has introduced an online book rental service which caters to book readers throughout Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak at their homepage
Using an online rental system similar to Netflix, subscribers only need to follow 5 easy steps to start using the service.
1.    SUBSCRIBE.  Subscribe to our service based on your reading habit
2.    CHOOSE.  Browse through our catalog and add preferred books to your Rental Queue.
3.    RECEIVE.  Fast secure delivery using PosLaju with NO DELIVERY CHARGES
4.    READ.  Enjoy your books with NO LATE FEES
5.    RETURN.  PosLaju will pick up the books once you’re done and you’re ready to rent more!
QReazant Online Book Rental Store offers 3 book rental packages for subscription based on customer’s reading habit.
·         Monthly payment of RM 52 (West Malaysia) / RM 68 (East Malaysia) for 3 books-at-a-time package
·         Monthly payment of RM 72 (West Malaysia) / RM 88 (East Malaysia) for 5 books-at-a-time package
·         Monthly payment of RM 92 (West Malaysia) / RM 108 (East Malaysia) for 7 books-at-a-time package
The subscription fee covers unlimited rounds of book rental throughout the month, as well as delivery and pick up charges using PosLaju. On top of that, subscribers can read their rented books at their own pace since there is no penalty charges incurred for late returns. By using this service, Malaysians no longer have to leave the convenience of their home to enjoy the latest best-seller.
QReazant Online Book Rental Store started off as a traditional book rental store based in Bandar Baru Bangi. Currently, there are about 10,000 fictions and non-fictions in English and Bahasa Malaysia available for rent. The service is run by sisters, Raja Ezatul Akhma and Raja Nazatul Akhma. Call 017-391 3784 for any enquiries.
Raja Ezatul Akhma binti Raja Fuaddin
Phone: 017-391 3784