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: Deveraux, Jude


: Romance,
Chic Lit


: JD000001


: 1416509721


: Pocket Books

Total Pages

: 397

Carolina Isle

Ariel and Sara never imagined their high-spirited attempt to step into each others shoes would cause such upheaval. The lifelong pen pals, who look exactly alike, meet for the first time in their twenties and embark on a daring adventure of changing identities. Southern belle Ariel is determined to win the heart of a man who doesn't know she exists, while Sara yearns to leave behind her hardscrabble existence and taste the good life that fate has denied her. But in pretty Arundel, North Carolina, nothing is as it seems-including the dangers that are closing in on their new dream lives, as the deepest of fears and darkest of secrets and betrayals come to light.

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