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: Evans, Lissa


: Humor,
Chic Lit


: EL000001


: 9780141006932


: Penguin Books

Total Pages

: 328

Odd One Out

Some are born odd, some achieve oddness, and some are just in the wrong place at the wrong time...

Take the Devon Family theres 39-year-old Glenn, whose hobby is rubbish collection; his mother, Bel, who teaches tap steps 8-year-olds but thinks shes running the Kirov; and his sister Netta, who spent her early life guilty only of madness by association. Which is why shes dreading six weeks back home in the Midlands, helping her loved ones move house.

Also struggling to conform are paul Gooding, a newly qualified doctor trying to forget his past; his flatmate, Armand, whos obsessed with hygine; and his colleague Carrie, who keeps inadvertently killing people. 

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