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QReazant (pronounced kyuu-rey-zhunt) was established in July 2006, with a singular vision – to encourage lifelong learning among Malaysians. A bookstore with an alternative twist, its proprietors decided on a rental module instead of the traditional buying process to lower the cost of reading for their customers. This quaint store grew to became home to a number of loyal customers within Bandar Baru Bangi and the surrounding communities, while media coverage increased its popularity elsewhere. Now boasting a book collection of up to 5000 books in various genres, QReazant is ready to expand to the online sphere, offering online book rental services to customers nationwide.



A shy person in general, Eza has always appreciated the quiet calm and reflection that reading brings to her. Deciding on human resources as her major, she joined a twinning degree program to Australia, but sacrificed her available funds to establish QReazant instead. Since then she has graduated from Nilai University College, and now devotes her time fully into managing QReazant’s in-store and online services, all while advocating for higher literacy rates among Malaysians. She ensures that her store’s shelves are not only stocked with fluffy reading materials, but also with educational texts.

During her free time, Eza indulges in Sheila O’Flanagan and local author Hlovate, along with the guilty pleasures of Korean dramas and K-pop music. Obsessed with the colour brown in all its forms, she decreed that QReazant’s logo be designed and coloured in its honour. Eza is a big fan of football and supports our Harimau Malaya even if she secretly doesn’t understand the rules of the sport. She can often be found nestled within a local Starbucks, or tucking into hearty Korean barbecue at Seoul Garden.



Graduating from Takushoku University in Tokyo with a degree in engineering, Naza aspired to educate Malaysians the way the Japanese do – with discipline, dedication, and care. Starting with her own children, she pursued the adventures of a stay-at-home mom instead of a career in industrial design, and continued with her studies while pregnant to earn an MBA from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Naza loves teaching kids and strongly believes that they should have fun while learning and tries to apply these principles to the Children’s Science Workshop that she runs. She plans to return to school again and receive formal training in K-12 education.

With 95% of her Facebook updates and photos are of her children, Naza wonders if she is now living vicariously through their childhood escapades. Always the social butterfly within her family, she balanced her extroversion with a strong reading habit. These days, she enjoys multiple authors within the thriller, fantasy, and non-fiction genres. It is also important to note that while she has lived in Japan for a total of 5 years, she is still unable to eat raw sushi or sashimi.

About Us

Raja Ezatul Akhma


Bachelor of Business in Human Resource,
LaTrobe University (Australia).

Raja Nazatul Akhma


Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design,
Takushoku University (Japan).

Master of Business Administration,
Universiti Putra Malaysia.