Why Rent Books?

In a society where RM5 is capable of purchasing a decent meal, an average of RM35 per work of fiction is a lot to demand. The Malaysian book market is flooded with up to 80% of foreign books – making the cost of import the main cause of wallet holes and declining reading habits. Even the governmental tax exemption of RM1,000 per year does not subsidise costs enough for most Malaysian households to justify purchasing books.

Furthermore, a book rarely increases in value throughout the years. With the amount of new releases, your brand new hardcover book that you bought for RM70 will only depreciate, especially when the paperback version is released a few months later.

Going green is also important to us. While we love books and bookworms, we strongly believe in the concept of borrowing and lending to reduce the environmental impact of printing so many books. Customers often amuse us with tales of stuffed cupboards, tipping piles, and beds of books that are abandoned after a few readings. Instead of aiming for a reality TV spot on Hoarders, why not reduce your carbon footprint and share the joy of reading by renting?

Here at QReazant, we humbly believe that everyone should be able to enjoy exciting new releases or classic works without compromising monthly budgets or nonexistent shelf space.

“There are many people (in Malaysia) who like books and read books but reluctant to buy them”
Datuk A. Samad Said, Sasterawan Negara


Why should I rent when I could borrow from the library?

Malaysian libraries mostly focus on academic volumes and reference texts, as these are the books that cost the most. While helpful for harried students and the occasional curious child, most readers commonly consume contemporary literature only available in bookstores. Along with that, libraries are rarities with fixed opening hours in most neighborhoods, making our 24/7 online catalog and rental services the preferable option.